Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday Slice: Scents of a melting pot on the eve of good news

The scents of a melting pot on the eve of good news
Came through doors opening
As I handed out books to those who had none
Little eyes beaming, older eyes grateful
Some heads covered, some dotted foreheads
A rainbow of garments and fleshtones

Curry and peppers and onion drifted past their smiles
Assaulting my masked nose, making my mouth water
I heard the laughter and playful screams of children
Saw mothers watching from the doorsteps
Beaten-up bikes piled, unlocked, at metal posts by my car

My name was called; I stopped, turned to see a child breathless, smiling
Followed by a half dozen more
You're not at school!  Why are you here?  Where do you live?  
Can you see my apartment?  There, with the open window!
Such pride and joy in his voice

The next morning, my own child on the phone--
Have you heard the news?  They called the election!

There is hope.  There is hope.  There is hope.

For more information on Foundation Communities, visit https://foundcom.org/


  1. Chris, in your descriptive text, this line stood out: "A rainbow of garments and fleshtones." The faces of America pour out from your thoughts and the hope that we all may find humanity and community together. "There is hope."

    1. It really felt like a true melting pot in this apartment community, Carol. And the sound of children playing, their happiness at seeing me so filled my heart! The news the next day was icing on the cake.

  2. There IS hope! It feels so good to be able to hope again (even though there is still a lot that's being contested).

    1. I realized that I need to have hope, Stacey--if only for these students of mine!

  3. Chris, this is so incredibly vivid - I felt I was there on the stoop, seeing the beautiful children, hearing the screams, smelling the supper of curry, peppers, and onions. I was transported - and oh I could see the child who lives nearby, so proud to show you. Pulls on the heartstrings all the way. Of course there is hope - there are tomorrows and these beautiful faces, and belief. So very, very lovely.

    1. They were still talking about it on Tuesday, Fran! And more students wanted free books, which of course I was glad to give them. I texted my principal immediately after the visit to let her know how very much it had impacted me; I knew then the reason I needed to be at my "new" school.