Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tuesday Slice: A royal apology

I'm sorry, beautiful Monarch
(you're the biggest I've ever seen, by the way)

I didn't realize you'd sense
the milkweed plant ensconced in a mesh tent

I knew, as you landed atop the synthetic barrier
yellow flowers muted by the white below your feet 
your abdomen curling, testing
 that you really wanted to lay that egg

but you see, I already have several
of your kin to feed

and I'm afraid there's not enough to go around.

I missed the photo opportunity, standing at my kitchen counter and watching the enormous butterfly land on the pop up tent protecting several caterpillars from would-be predators. I am seriously concerned that they will eat through the milkweed before I can procure more; we've been on the hunt for plants for three days with no success at nurseries nearby.  I may have to drive a bit to find more food for my voracious crawlers.
Looks big, but less than a half-inch in this photo.
One of four, possibly five in the tent.



  1. You may not have captured it with a camera, but your words are just as beautiful.

    BTW: I have several of these crawlers in my backyard right now. They seem to be enjoying my sage and oregano plants.

  2. Oh my - how the maternal instinct kicks in! How responsible we feel for small creatures in our realm. I hope by now the milkweed has been obtained for the existing royal nursery - and I'd have love to see that huge monarch who surely took her resplendent self to lay eggs elsewhere.