Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Accurate forecast


I turned off the car radio
as I turned off the main highway
rolling down the windows a bit
breathing a bit more deeply

The cool, fresh air accompanied me
fresh thinking is what I sought
to clear my mind of its clutter
my schedule having a mind of its own these days

Another turn, and bright sunlight
is replaced by dappled light of piney woods
I slow way down, following the signs
my heartbeat slowing as wheels crunch on gravel

I rolled into my parking spot
rolled up the windows, turned off the car
slowly began unloading my belongings
feeling like I'm back where I belong

To mark the season's turning
breathe deeply
make a fresh start
be mindful
soak in sunlight
slow down
let tension roll away
to just...be

All photos by Christine Margocs, November 2021.


  1. What a lovely poem to capture your getaway. Ah, me...I can smell the air you describe, crisp and fresh. Take me away with you!

  2. Chris, I fell in love with the last photo and last stanza and would love to showcase the image poem at my Bedecked In Autumn Gallery. Thanks for starting out my day with the rolling away of tension.