Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday Slice: Giving birth


I very rarely dream, at least that I can remember.  Even more rarely do I dream in color and with physical feeling.  So you can imagine my surprise when I awoke from a birthing dream.  I had slept past my alarm; I'm sure it's because I wanted the dream to continue.

The 'dream scene' opened with me alone in a hospital room, lying on a bed in mild labor.  I could feel and see my belly rippling, rolling, remarking "Are you making your way down, little one?".  I reached my hand down--and felt a head.  Starting to yell for my husband, the labor paused as the head appeared, and then the baby was there.  I wiped off her face, she opened her eyes and cried out a bit, then closed them and rested on my chest.  My husband and the medical personnel showed up, tut-tutted, cleaned her off, and left us to get acquainted.

The scene shifted to our house (not our real one) which was crowded with family (some familiar, some not).  I was carrying the baby around, worried a bit about my milk coming in, wondering if I'd ever deliver the placenta (that part was really strange).  At one point, the nurses from the hospital came by to bring gifts and check on us; at another, I thought I had lost the baby somewhere in the house, only to find her sleeping in a baby seat next to my father, who was dozing in a recliner.

So what does all of this mean?

According to dreams.co.uk,
 "The most common meanings behind a dream about giving birth are to do with new beginnings, creativity and prosperity. This dream symbolises that something exciting is coming your way and you’re ready to embark on a new phase of your waking life. The baby in your dream is a sign of a fresh start, a new project or a relationship that‘s about to bloom. It’s all about hope, anticipation, growth and success."

Furthermore, dreaming about having a girl:

"Dreaming about giving birth to a baby girl can symbolise celebrating your feminine qualities and internal beauty. It may also be a sign of financial fortune, luck and good health."

I am in the middle of a library facility upgrade at work.  I am also changing the focus on my library programming, and have applied for a grant to help me accomplish that goal.  Personally, I am in the pondering/ planning stages (again) of what needs to change in my health and financial habits.

Whether or not the dream is predicting the future, it is certainly reflecting the present.  Do you have vivid dreams?  Do you record them, ascribe meaning to them, share them? 


  1. My goodness, Chris, that is a vivid dream! You've got me wondering if I have ever dreamed about birthing. What fascinates me is that you dreamed of having a NEW baby - I think I have dreamed about my own boys being babies again, but having ANOTHER baby? hmm, that is really interesting. I think you are on to something - birthing something all new and wonderful; love the idea of a dream about birthing a baby girl being about something new and wonderful for you....

  2. I dream stories. The basic outline of most of the stories that I have written have come to me in dreams. Dreams do give solutions. Kekule theorised the structure of benzene after he dreamt about a snake trying to grab it's tail. Good wishes for your work with the library and pray that the dream as well as the prediction comes true!

  3. That's some vivid dream! WOW!
    I remember being so interested in dreams when I was in high school. I liked interpreting my own, but this was in the pre-internet days so it was a lot harder back then.

  4. What a dream! I do have vivid dreams from time to time and they can stick with me into the day when they feel so real. I love that you looked up the potential meanings & I hope that the positive symbolism applies to both your present and your future!

  5. Chris, it is amazing that you had such a vivid dream. I have been having weird dreams lately and remember them when waking. I have not tried to write them down but maybe I should try that.

  6. Chris, this is Carol Varsalona and not sure why I came up as anonymous. I am trying to catch up on my reading. The last comment is from me.