Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Slice: Not much to say

I am tired.  End-of-school-year, deadlines-approaching-fast tired.  Not-sure-what-to-write-about-today tired.

I stopped writing after that last sentence to change into my pajamas.  Before 7pm.

It's not that I don't have tons of thoughts running through my head.  Most of them involve the task at hand--library inventory--and the time at hand--the last days of school.  

I want to focus on these last days with students and teachers, make connections to end the year on a high note and make them happy to return to the library in August.  

But I'm focused instead on cataloging and inventory and chasing down books and listening to excuses for lost items and tying up financial loose ends and making plans for next year and figuring out summer professional development and worrying about the annual report and attending meetings and...and...and feeling out of the loop once again.

Tomorrow morning, after managing broadcast, I'm going to help line up third and fourth graders in alphabetical order by their last names to prepare them for their awards ceremony.  For a few minutes, I will talk with them, laugh with them, tell them to bring their voices down to a dull roar.  Enjoy their presence in the library.

I'll try not to let the "ands" get the better of me for the next two days.  

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