Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Slice: My mind's gazette

There are so many thoughts going through my head as I think about the past week.  I tried to settle on just one for this slice, but couldn't flesh out any one idea to form a solid piece of writing.

An old-time gazette came to mind, one with a dozen or so news events whittled down to a few sentences apiece.  I'm not tech-savvy enough to split this space into columns for the day, so bullet points will have to do.

Work news:
  • Perusing the stacks in my library last week, I realized just how many students we have this year as shelves emptied.  Will I be able to keep up with the reading lives of 1200 students?
  • We are pushing independence in the library with our kindergarteners, who are using shelf markers, choosing books, and operating the scanner by themselves.  They can do it!  Using a mouse is another thing entirely, though; it's a hard task for this touch-screen generation, so we're waiting to tackle the point-and-click.
  • I am feeling the love from those kindergarteners this year.  I've been told that I am awesome (wow!).  It warmed my heart when the music teacher told me that a kindergartener reminded her that we sing in the library, too.  And don't get me started on how cute they looked as they passed around a baby doll, practicing treating our books like babies.
Personal news:
  • Our son announced last Wednesday that he had been nominated for homecoming court!  This is a new experience for our family, and sent me into a tizzy for a bit, as there doesn't seem to be a parent handbook for this sort of thing.  I have written checks for mums and a dance ticket, cleared my calendar for tomorrow evening to attend the pep rally to see him presented, and now have to face a previously unknown fear of walking on AstroTurf in front of a packed stadium as my husband and I escort him during halftime.  What do I wear?  Where do we check in?  This is so out of my comfort zone!
  • On a sad note--I am mourning the passing of one of my favorite professors, Dr. Mary Ann Bell.  She was a tech-savvy senior citizen, and a model of lifelong learning and championing causes.  Her passion for access to information, LGBT rights, and librarianship will continue to inspire me in her absence.  
  • Our daughter announced that her students placed third and fourth in their English competition this past week!  She is a JET-ALT, living in Japan and supporting English language classes.  She is making friends, keeping busy, and settling into her second month abroad.
I think that clears the thoughts from my head for the moment.  I'll be trying harder this week to find inspiration for a true slice!


  1. Wow! Congrats to you on your son and daughter's accomplishments! You must be very proud. :)

  2. Such a full week for you! I love that you sing in the library. Congratulations to your children on their news from this week.