Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Slice: Where do you see yourself?

This is Banned Books Week in literary circles, with an emphasis on diversity this year.  Librarians and teachers know the importance of diversity in literature; children need to see themselves in stories, to connect with them, feel a part of a bigger whole.

I think we all look for that representation in the arts, whether by character, setting, plot, or mood.  So where does a fifty-year-old middle class working mom running on too little sleep look for her artistic mirror?

This past week, I found it in Jennifer Nettles' new album, Playing with Fire. Two of the songs have become earworms.  (Warning:  mild profanity in the lyrics.)

"Drunk in Heels"--which has little to do with drinking, and a lot to do with day-to-day exhaustion and societal demands on women:

"Playing with Fire"--a call to live on one's own terms.  My favorite line--"I wanna flirt with my own fears, wanna dance with my desire":

If you're in my demographic, give these a listen; they may just become your earworms, too.  And may we all get some sleep, find our voice, and follow the path that's just right for us, blessing the world with our passions and talents.

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  1. Here's to us! And finding our voice and passion.