Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday Slice: Looking through my fingers

I have a dental appointment today after work, and the timing couldn't be better.  For one hour, I won't be in front of a TV or computer, won't see political posts or listen to talking heads, won't be squinting at numbers rolling across the bottom of the screen.

Students at my school will have the opportunity to vote today.  Teachers have talked about voting etiquette, and a call went out last night for parents to do the same.  The discussions should have happened months ago; children have already been threatened by their peers with deportation, should the election swing a certain way.

Yes, the ugliness has reached our youngest citizens.  I blame media, and those who deem such talk as appropriate for children to hear.

I know I voted from a place of love and hope--love for my family, love for the rainbow of people who make up our country, hope for those who struggle, who aren't Malcolm Gladwell's "outliers", who still have artificial barriers to success and happiness based solely on the skin and gender and class into which they were born.

I won't be wearing a pantsuit today, but I will be wearing blue, blue, blue.  And tonight, I'll be watching TV through my fingers.   


  1. My fingers are crossed and I voted! #ImWithHer In just hours we will know how many more are with us. I am staying hopeful mostly because I can't even imagine what happens if that map isn't blue enough tonight.

    1. I hear you, Sally! It's tough being a blue dot in a red state.

  2. The outcome of today's election will be interesting that's for sure. I wish we had stronger candidates.

  3. I have high hopes, and will watch some of the day. I hear your worries, and am so sad that this has affected children the way you described. Other elections have been so exciting at school. I'm not there this year, and wonder how everyone is attempting to show how elections should be. Cheers for blue!

  4. Yikes. This election is so challenging. I am watching from Canada - also peeking through my fingers. A powerful post.

  5. I couldn't find a pantsuit, but I wore blue,too...and I'll be just as anxious tonight.