Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday Slice: TV or sleep?

I need sleep.

My quality of sleep isn't lacking, just quantity.  My alarm goes off pretty much at the same time each workday, so it's the bedtime that's been abused lately, for various reasons.

I need to mother myself, talk myself into shedding work clothes and donning pajamas within minutes of arriving home.  Except not tonight; my favorite TV shows are on (and we don't have DVR).  Or tomorrow--I need to sit down with my son and help him finish his college applications, the parts where he needs my credit card information. On Thursday, I've set my sights on breaking out the vacuum and attempting some semblance of housekeeping after work.  I've already asked for a half-day off on Friday to drive to San Antonio to see my son's marching band competition--and it continues through Saturday.

Now that I've written this out...it seems ridiculous to choose TV shows over sleep.  An early bedtime is now my evening's agenda.

Thanks, mom.


  1. Enjoy that sleep - looks as though you will need it!

  2. I hope you sleep soundly. I wish you that the rest of the busy week will still include plenty of rest too.