Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday Slice: Forgot it was Tuesday

It didn't occur to me until three hours post-wakeup that it was Tuesday, my personal Slice blogging day.

I'm not exactly sure why I forgot.  It can't be summer mode, as I never really got to enter into that zone this year; too many obligations and appointments have kept us busy.  I was at a professional development session yesterday morning, for crying out loud; should have remembered that it was Tuesday today.  

Things I do remember:

  • the appointment we have with our son's oral surgeon this afternoon
  • the looming deadline for the professional development I'm co-presenting, and the amount of work left undone
  • our houseplants need watering today
  • I'm a day behind in washing bath towels (that alone should have reminded me of Tuesday, as Monday is towel washing day)
  • it's my weights workout day
  • I'm cooking pork chops tonight, since they've been defrosting in the fridge
  • the books I'm meaning to read today
  • the planning I need to do today
  • the cleaning I need to do today
Maybe today's mental file cabinet was just a bit too full to remember the day of the week.  That's what I am going to tell myself, at least.  


  1. I think there's a point during every summer teachers have that moment where we wonder what day it is and then we sit there and question what the day before was too. What books do you want to read today?

    1. Hello, Anna Maria! I'm trying to get in the habit of reading a kids' book at night and a just-for-me book in the morning. I'm currently reading Unidentified Suburban Object by Mike Jung (juvenile), and need to finish Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind (for me!).

  2. I hear you! The summer is jammed packed with all of that stuff we can't do when it's a regular Tuesday.Perhaps its the burgeoning must dos that made you forget. Glad you made it!

    1. It's got to be it, Julieanne; down to crunch time for end-of-summer tasks!

  3. I could only chuckle as I read your post. Your day reminds me of how my day unfolds, filled with much to do and enjoy life. Sometimes I wonder how I will ever fit a full day of teaching back into my schedule once school is back in session. Hope you had an awesome day!