Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday Slice: The best things are invisible

The Book Nook rocking chair has been pulled over to the "learning side" of the library, where I can sit in front of the YouTube fireplace on our big touchscreen. Our usual schedule of story or lesson, then checkout, is flip-flopped each half-hour, allowing me to start reading a bit earlier while stragglers are still searching for books. 

I've been reading Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas by Elise Primavera to my older students this week.  Most remember the first book from last year, and are happy to hear the sequel.  I do my best to make Auntie Claus sound eccentric and wise, the unbelieving Christopher a bit whiny and snarky, the Head Prune and Santa full and booming.

Christopher's motto is "I'll believe it when I see it."  Auntie Claus counters with "Sometimes you have to believe in order to see."

We have to believe in order to see...

Believe in the freshness of a new day, in order to see opportunities.
Believe in ourselves, in order to see our strengths.
Believe in our students, in order to see their possibilities.
Believe in our loved ones, in order to see them as individuals.
Believe in the value of all people, in order to see their worth. 
Believe in the magic of Christmas, in order to see the best in us.

The best things are invisible, until we choose to believe.   


  1. "We have to believe in order to see..." I absolutely adore that line! This reminds me of a beautiful quote I read recently, attributed to Mr. Rogers (but I think it's actually from The Little Prince): "What is essential is invisible to the eye." Thank you for the beautiful share today :)

    1. What a beautiful quote to share with me; thank you, Lanny! I hope my students took a little of that message away for the holidays.

  2. This is lovely. Are there moments when reading your children that you think, “I get paid to do this!”? This slice is the kind of moment that makes me remember all the good teaching days. Now I need to find those books, as though I don’t have a big enough TBR pile!

    1. There are moments just like that, Glenda. It took me awhile to realize this was my niche, but now that I'm here, I'm staying awhile. And yes, the Auntie Claus books are a wonderful addition to a holiday collection!