Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Slice: Lyrical memory

Fundraising on public television is purposefully, successfully annoying.  I became a member decades ago during a telethon, and with threats of government funding cuts looming once again, I understand the need to drum up support.  Oh, but I was annoyed at the breaks during the recent airing of a modern take on "Jesus Christ, Superstar".

They were interrupting a memory.

It was the late 70s?  Early 80s? The cassette was a gift from my mother's brother, a classical music aficionado.  I remember the plain brown liner paper with the yellow logo--the 1970 recording.  He copied off the lyrics for me, too. I must have played that tape a hundred times on my boombox, singing along, thrilled when I could match the tempo of the fast-paced songs.  

Despite our near-regular attendance of Sunday Mass, it was my first real introduction to Mary Magdalene.  I remember wondering why we heard so little about her in CCD classes; I see now that it planted the seed for my search for Feminine Divine in the patriarchal trappings of the conventional Church.

So yes, I was annoyed at the breaks, even as I compared these latest singers to the soundtrack in my head (and found them lacking; the 1970 recording is still my favorite).  I may just have to hunt down a new copy and relive a memory or two.  

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  1. We had that same version of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" on both vinyl and reel to reel tape. Even better, in 8th grade, during our music unit on rock & roll, Mr. Ziegler had us listen to the full album (with lyrics provided)! I am sure that wouldn't fly today, but I am thankful he did it. I bought myself a copy of it a few years ago and was thrilled to discover I still knew almost all the words.