Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tuesday Slice: My current situation in song


I have more empathy for telephone-based tech support these days, as I help parents and students find their way to their teachers' Google Meet and Schoology virtual classrooms.  We are all learning to navigate online together.

Like Shakira, my hips don't lie.  They're telling me that they don't like sitting in an office chair for forty-five minutes out of every hour.  I've never considered myself athletic, but the carpal tunnel symptoms and trigger finger I wake up with every morning and the hips that have to be unlocked every time I rise from my seat are evidence that my body needs to move to be healthy.

Equity is a focal point of our district and campus this year.  I've returned to the Title I school in my neighborhood after seven years at an upper-SES campus, and the difference between the two with this odd beginning is glaring.  I'm seeing images in my social media feed of creatively crafted learning spaces with gamer headphones and a laptop for each child  that look like mini-classrooms from the latter,  while we are still making sure families have devices and teaching them to make quiet learning corners at the former.

I couldn't bring myself to watch the RNC on television last night.  My heart and stomach ache at the very thought.  To be fair, I didn't watch a lot of the DNC either, except a bit of the roll call, which made me smile and brought me joy.

Music keeps me going these days.  Enjoy the playlist..


  1. Such a powerful post full of emotion. Thank you for sharing

  2. Chris, "support" positions all deserve so much empathy. Helping in times of trouble/difficulty is important! Music is an important source of joy.

  3. AS a person who also thinks in song, this post gave me all sorts of feels. https://youtu.be/tDqS1d7tE8o :)

  4. This is such a clever post. I feel those hips. Mine ache all the time. No lie. I did watch night one of the RNC. It killed my original inspiration for my slice and gave me a headache. I took to Twitter and texting a like-minded friend to survive the apocalyptic prophecies. 😉

  5. Chris. music is both a source of inspiration and consolation, particularly in challenging times. It is good to know that music has such universal appeal. Music does indeed keep us going. You make a most pertinent statement in your post.