Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday Slice: Alphabet soup


Our prompt today:
And so I give you the alphabet soup of my thoughts today.
Mason, Gaby, and Junki are my children.
The words on each line are not necessarily connected, for me...
perhaps they will be, for you.

Anxiety, acceptance
Biden, birthdays, ballots
COVID19, cooperation
Democrat, democracy
Eddie Van Halen, educators
Fear, friends
Gaby, graduation, goodbyes
Help, holidays
Immigration, insight, isolation
Junki, Japan
Knowledge, keyboards, kindness
Lifelines, laughter
Mason, managing, masks
Naps, nitpicking
Overwhelm, opposition
Pedagogy, pacing
Quiet, questioning
Republican, re-public, rest
Students, self-care
Trump, technology, testing
University, unity
Vaccine, voting, veracity
Weather, welcomes
Yelling, yesterdays
Zillionaires, zigzagging, zen.


  1. Yes, that poem shares the ups and downs of life in a very engaging way, Chris. Alphabet Soup of Thoughts-clever format!

  2. I can so relate to this alphabet jumble, just exchanging names of children... and can I just say I appreciate your inclusion of Eddie Van Halen. I grew up on that music and marked his passing as well (hearing the guitar and familiar lyrics returning from long ago). Your poem is indeed a nice, orderly collection of everything that zips through our minds these days, in a matter of nanoseconds. Alphabet soup, for sure. No wonder we're tired! Love this, Chris.

  3. This format is so clever and really captures the exhausting, emotionally draining mish mash of our days, from a to z. I have been amazed by how dark my #Poemtober poems have been lately. I feel like my thoughts are stained.

  4. Chris, your alphabet poem is revealing. It speaks of turbulent times, where finding solitude becomes an even more sought after objective. In a global sense, I am now wondering what other writers and thinkers might possibly include in such a piece. Your words have evoked much to ponder for me. May you quarantine some serenity in these days of challenge.

  5. Life is certainly a rollercoaster. This alphabet proves that and it's no wonder we're exhausted anymore.