Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tuesday Slice: Unexpected memories

Autumnal spice
Bought on a whim
A night-time treat, if you will

The pink gel hits my tongue

Red Hots candy comes to mind
though not as fiery

My grandfather's mouthwash
by his bathroom sink

Tiny sticks of Trident flavoring
high school kisses

I didn't know that I was buying memories
in a tube of toothpaste.
Well played, Crest, well played.


  1. Sure did put a smile on my face -- wasn't sure where it would end! It's perfect! I love how scents and tastes trigger memories! Thanks so much for sharing and starting my day with a smile!

  2. This poem and seeing the picture both make me smile. I must find that cinnamon toothpaste and allow my mind to wonder to the past and the memories it evokes. I have to say, reading your poem gave me a sense of calm.

  3. Cinnamon candies in a toothpaste gel? Yes please. I too would have similar memories - especially the trident gum. Yum!

  4. I always love a delicious original poem and toothpaste with a flavor, Chris. You brought us a Halloween treat.

  5. Some tastes are so STRONG! Red-hot cinnimon is one of them.
    Thanks for sharing a poem with me today!

  6. I LOVE THIS. First of all, I love red hot candies and remember how hot hot hot they used to be long ago! The gum - for me, Dentyne and eventually Big Red. Always a huge fan of hot cinnamon flavor, so. that's it, I gotta try this (oh yeah, Crest is the brand I grew up on and remains my brand to this day). Well-written, organized, and played indeed, Chris! So fun.