Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Eights

Eight years behind the circulation desk.
Twenty-eight years in education.
Eight years to go (maybe).

Yesterday was the last official day on the 20-21 work calendar for librarians in my district.  I finished up my annual report (a very wonky one--thank you, COVID), took care of financial matters, and handed books over to families who purchased them from an author visit back in May.  Last year's calendar was taken down, the next year's was hung (my favorite organizing tool in the library--the whole year at a glance), the dates jotted down from the school calendar and known events.  I noticed for the first time that full moons were charted, and chuckled.

After the ten-hour day was over and goodbyes to my administrators were said, I drove to pick up a pair of quick-dry hiking pants from the other side of town, and headed home.  A glass of wine was lifted in honor of the most convoluted school year yet, hopefully not to be repeated.  That's when I started counting, and the pattern of eights emerged.

I was twenty-one when I had my first classroom, a resource room with four students that grew to ten by the end of the year.  One of those students turned forty last month.  Six years of teaching, eleven years of ARD facilitating, three more years of teaching, and now eight at the circulation desk.  Twenty-eight years in all, with a six-year break tucked in there.  Makes me feel a bit old when I add up all those numbers!

I say I have eight more years in the library ahead of me, but I know that number is written in the sand.  Who's to say where life will take us in that time? What opportunities lie just around the bend?

For now, I've left a lot of tasks undone in the library, which will draw me back to work off-the-clock next week.  Til then, I've got those hiking pants to try out on a trail tomorrow. I'll let the dust settle a bit on the last twenty-eight years before beginning the next eight.


  1. Hiking is so much fun! Enjoy it tomorrow!

  2. Chris, fun observation you made about your years of service past and future. Glad you made it through this year--the whole year was wonky, not just the report, I guess. Yes, enjoy some hiking and rest time before you get back to the library. All the best.

  3. Can't help smiling as I read this, Chris - first thinking about how we notice things, patterns rising to the surface, something that often fills me with awe (my OLW). Then there's the symbolism of the number eight: stands for hard work, hard lessons, accomplishing things ... can't help but tie that to your OLW, "results." There's lots of interpretations for eight (including infinity and abundance) but what I enjoy most is how the years whisper loud enough to make us stop and take stock. And trust me - I know about wonky reports after this year -!! There were a few I couldn't complete adequately so I just put in some asterisks and explanations and let it go. Done. Cheers to you and summertime! Today is my last day - FINALLY!

  4. Chris, life in eights is an interesting take on your career. May the next eight years bring you joy but for now have fun hiking.