Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Dance party of one

Some mornings
I turn the radio on, volume down low
Search for a station with a beat
Feet starting to move, then hips
Arms start swinging--
Moves from ancient aerobics tapes surface
(Who cares?  No one else is awake!)
Hands in the air, stretching overhead--
important for people of a certain age, so I'm told
Occasional slick shimmies from clubbing days
Conjure memories of sticky sweet machine-made fog
Carefree nights with friends...
The song trails off.  Do I have time for another?
Check the clock:  no.
This dance party ends with workday prep
Instead of a 2am run to Denny's for fries and a coke.

Three to five minute dance parties have become my mini-workout of choice most workday mornings.  Bonus mood booster if I happen upon eighties dance music.



  1. What a fun mini dance party idea. I will have to try it. As I read your piece, I had to heed this advice:
    "Hands in the air, stretching overhead--
    important for people of a certain age, so I'm told"
    I could feel the stiffness. Looks like I need some dance parties.

    1. Denise, that is advice from my massage therapist, who told me that overhead movement is one of the top complaints of aging. I think of that every time I reach up to put dishes away!

  2. Fun slice/poem! I imagine how energetic this private dance party makes you.

  3. Wonderful blog! Humans, we will always find a plan to connect, because we need each other to celebrate our successful moments. Dancing is exercise, and exercise makes you happy. We bring the Virtual Dance Party to connect you with your remote colleagues. So join these virtual moments with your remote colleagues and make this party a memorable one.

  4. This totally counts as a dance party! Your description of "sticky sweet machine-made fog"...I can even smell it! Those were fun times, except our late night restaurant of choice was IHOP after payday, but usually Whataburger for the same, fries and a Coke.