Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Taking time for me


We had a staff development day yesterday, with a whole hour for lunch--educators know what a gift that is!  We sat in our overly-air-conditioned cafeteria for three hours in the morning, and I felt the need to warm up after eating in my office...so I went for a walk outside.  

I rarely venture outdoors during a workday, my usual schedule prohibitive of such activity, and it felt a little scandalous to do so.  I slipped out a back door and immediately felt the sun's warm rays on my shoulders.  Conscious of the time, I walked briskly around the cul-de-sac behind our school, empty of delivery trucks at the moment.  I made my way around the side entrance, and stopped at the garden planted on the front lawn.

Giant stalks of who-knows-what were bent to the ground.  I noticed tiny green cherry tomatoes here and there, and sprawling vines snaking through dried mulch with leaves as big as my hand.  The vines intrigued me, so I followed them with my eyes...and spied not one, but two watermelons!  Not quite ready for picking, so I let them be.

An orange butterfly--a fritillary, by the looks of it--fluttered from one flower to another.  I spent a few quiet moments just watching it feed, marveling at its colors and long, spindly legs.  Something made me look at my watch, and I realized it was time to get back to work.

Warmed up, back at my desk in my windowless library, I said to myself, "I should do this every Monday."


  1. I support your idea of outside walks on Monday. The break outside gives so much energy to keep going for the rest of the day. An outside break, a short walk, is a wellbeing action, necessary self-care. I have figured out different length routes in my school neighbourhood, so I can go for 10, 20 or 30 minute walks when I can. (Hasn't happened lately though) I also try to schedule walking meetings when possible.

  2. Chris, what a pleasant slice of life, well-written to put me right there with you. I love all the details in the garden spot, and I definitely understand that over-air-condititioned feel that makes the warm sun feel so good. Very nice.