Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Tuesday Slice: Bum knees

My every move
is dictated
these days
by two bum knees.

It's not their fault--
I fell on them
in three days.

One is sporting
the largest
Band Aid
I could find
to cover an inch 
square gash
but otherwise 
looks okay.

The other is taped
with a smaller bandage
and feels
like a grapefruit
pressing against
my skinny jeans
the joint colored
in shades of plum.

If left too long 
in any position
both knees 
like to stiffen up
swell in different spots
I can feel the push
against them as
I stand, or sit.

The care of
these knees
has added
ten minutes to
my daily routine--
the changing
of bandages
the extra time
to put on shoes.

How I move,
how I sleep,
how I dress--
the knees,
for the time being,
are in control.

What a bummer.


  1. I love how you so clearly described your current state focused on your knees. You described them so well. Clearly they are in control. Yet, between your carefully crafted poetry lines, your humility and grit comes through. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, this sounds so painful! Falling twice in three days - ouch! I love that you wrote a poem to describe this. The shape of the stanzas is a bit like the shape of a knee, I think. Love the lines about the knees being in control. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh my gosh...I'm dealing with a bum knee that the doctor 'says' is from sciatica. Just like you said-my every move is dictated by a bum knee. I hope yours heals faster than mine...I'm on the slow track! :/ Great poem!!!

  4. I get so annoyed when I hurt myself. It seems to take much longer to heal at my age. Definitely a bummer!