Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tuesday Slice: Party pooper


Welcome back!  Be sure to get your goodie bag with this year's library shirt.
Let's welcome our new librarians...we still have two openings, so spread the word!
What are some celebrations?
Fill in the Google forms for online subscriptions by August 12th, please.
Here's the spreadsheet with this year's book purchase allocations.  (Excited buzzing.)  We need your ESSER funds list by September 1st.
Be sure to set up your budget spreadsheets to track spending.
Here's how to change your report views in the finance program to see this's year's budget.
Consider adding more genres to search terms; if you need more, let us know.
Ebook patron updates will happen automatically now--yay!  But don't forget to delete expired ebooks from the catalog.
Think about what circulation reports you want to run on a regular basis and let us know.
Did you know we have access to large print books?  Let's welcome our vendor and learn about their benefits.
Let's talk about goal setting for the year.  What are two specific, measurable or observable goals for the library you would like to achieve, and what steps are needed to get there?  Please fill in the form by September 16th.
Here's some basic information for using the IFP.
Visit our library vendors during lunch and get your card signed off for door prizes!
We are going to have some work time to tackle some of these to-dos, and then split up by level for programming discussion. Ice cream will be available this afternoon!
Let's talk about the elephant in the room...

You all know we have a significant teacher shortage right now.
Librarians are on the list of possible staff to pull into classrooms.
We really don't know the details. 


  1. Wait for it… and there it is! The uncertainty continues, despite our hopes. Your post expresses the tension well. I hope you get to do your actual job.

    1. Thank you! I think that's been the hardest part of pandemic teaching--being pulled so much in other directions that we haven't felt like we've given our original position the time and energy due.

  2. Chris, I always said that the library is the hub of the school. Librarians are so important in the ELA/reading-writing world. It is sad that the librarian is sub within the school rather than the support person for edus and students. I really like the format you used. I think you should share this with your new staff.

  3. Oh, Chris, what a busy back-to-school time you have. Here's to enough teachers being hired for you, but that is some elephant in the room all over our country. God help us!