Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday Slice: The ball in the box

Lauren Herschel's Tweet showed up in my social media.
My button has been pushed often this week.

The triggers--
       a friend lost a father
       a friend remembering her mother
       grandparents proudly sharing photos
       the upcoming holidays
       my shopping genes, and
       the resulting clutter

No tears were shed.  My thoughts were selfish, really--
       empathetic thoughts (I know what it's like to lose a parent)
       I've been a motherless daughter for twenty-three years
       my mom only got to grandparent for three years (does the last one even count?)
       my mom would know how to handle the holidays this year
       my mom would share in my shopping "victories"
       my mom would help me decide what to keep and what to release
       my mom would
       my mom

I went to sleep last night 
with that three-letter word 
full of love and loss 
lingering on my lips.       


  1. It never goes away, but slowly the pain shifts and brings more joy than sorrow. The loss transforms to honoring traditions, telling stories, and noticing the signs. Thank you for slowing me down to remember and feel. Simply beautiful.

  2. Oh, Chris. This pierces like a flaming arrow in the heart. Your lines descending to that one word, mom ... I feel a hollowness where that word just echoes. I sense a joy and closeness, however, that creates the vacuum left behind. With the holidays approaching, of course it's amplified. I also think about loss via deaths of relationships, even though the loved person is living. That ache is real. My thoughts are with you, my friend. Know that you lend much joy to so many - I am a grateful beneficiary!