Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tuesday Slice: They miss the library

Have you seen this meme floating around the Internet?  It's from one of our local restaurants.
Image result for image i spent my whole adult life chasing the high of a scholastic book fair
As an elementary school librarian, I don't have to chase the high.  It chases me down twice a year.

I just wrapped up running my thirteenth book fair.

I say "wrapped up", because the carts and boxes are packed and ready for pick up, taking up a sizable chunk of real estate on the reading side of the library.  They don't get picked up until Thursday.  It will probably take another week for me to finish the financial forms, get a check disbursed, and truly wrap up the fair.

I am grateful for the outpouring of support from the volunteers (and an artsy assistant) who turned the library into a bookstore wonderland this week.

I am grateful to my administrators for supporting our efforts, to my colleagues for allowing students to shop in the middle of the day, to parents braving before school "rush hour", standing in line at our three registers to buy the books their children wished for.  The funds raised from the fair will help pay for author visits and books for our students.

What am I most grateful for?

My favorite question this week:

"Ms Margocs, when do we get to come back to the library to check out books?"  


  1. I love book fairs, too, but know they are a drain on our librarian. Back to normal will feel good.

  2. Book fairs are great, and as a parent/volunteer, I shopped at many of them, even after my students had left elementary school. But, while the library is truly a public place in a school, it belongs to the students and I know many of them love to check out the books. Sounds like you have a great school!

  3. Love that question from your student. And you have some terrific volunteers. As a parent who chaired the elementary book fair for several years, I well remember the exhaustion that arrives when it's over. But the book high that it engenders is well worth the effort. Hoping you'll get your library back soon.

  4. Oh how I LOVED the Book Fair as a child! I also love how you said you don't have to chase a high, that it chases you down twice a year ... so many nuances rolled into that comment! Congrats on wrapping up another Fair and here's to you and your students reclaiming your library and "normalcy." Despite the Arctic theme, such warmth comes through this post. I know your students feel it in your library. All the more reason to come and find a book.

  5. Book fairs are pretty special but that last comment you shared is even better. How great is that?!