Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday Slice: The book beckons


My eyes are weary
So many words in a day
But the book insists

Those many pages
Beckon me to stay awake
Far past my bedtime

Loud alarm beeping
Rouses me from my slumber
Tired from reading

The story is still
Within me when I awake
Details free floating

Until I open
The book once more, and enter
That make-believe world.

I know haiku is meant to be a stand-alone form, but poetry rules are made to be broken, yes?  The book keeping me up at night these days is The Arctic Fury by Greer Macallister.  It's rare these days for a book to keep me up at night due to exhaustion from the day's activities; the short chapters of this book are just thrilling enough to entice me to read two or three at day's end.


  1. I have lived this haiku, and I love it - the sacrifice that one makes for great reading (and writing!). Is this another book I need, Chris?

    1. Writers are readers, right, Fran? You may want to add this book to your pile. The characters are intriguing, there are lots of plot twists, and the chapters are blessedly short enough to read a couple a night before my eyes can take no more.

  2. Short chapters are the key to enticing me to keep reading! When I look ahead to a long chapter, it's easy to close the book. But short chapters? I'm a sucker for them.

    1. Ramona, this book is nothing but short chapters. They are helping me rebuild my reading muscles that atrophied along with my attention span during these COVID days.

  3. Your form worked perfectly for your poem. I just experienced this very challenge last week with The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. I had to look up the title you shared and I'm intrigued. Hmmm.

    1. And now I need to look up The Dutch House! Thanks for the book recommendation, Cathy, and the kind comments on my poem.