Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Tuesday Slice: A day off


Today, there will be writing, and planning, and reading.
Today, there will be laundry, and dusting, and cleaning.
Today, there will be music, and yarnwork, and holiday prepping.

I will be doing my best to avoid the television and computer screen.
I have already cast my ballot.
The results can wait until tomorrow.

Today, in solitude, I will breathe deeply and often.
(Today, I will cross my fingers.)


  1. I am thinking the same. Already voted. I turned the news on briefly this morning to see photos of the lunar eclipse- beautiful- I tried to get a view outside, but it was blocked. On TV the endless political speculation was already starting. I am resolved to keep it off.
    Diane, newtreemom

  2. Oof, it's going to be tough to block out the news, but it's a smart idea and worthy goal.

  3. I’m trying to avoid media today, too. I have snow to shovel and a hair appointment to help. Might see a movie later. BTW, our district is off today for the election.