Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tuesday Slice: Sweater weather, at last!


Shivering, I
Work my arms into
Each warm, soft sleeve
Admiring the pattern as I
Turn down the heater a bit
Enveloped in my own, climate-controlled
Relief from the cold.

Winter is just around the corner,
Each cool breeze a prelude, nudging
Autumn out of the way
The morning frost isn't far behind
Helped along by the lengthening night
Enveloping my smoky breath
Rising from sweater-warmed lungs.


  1. Sweater weather is my favorite. My classroom is warm so any sweater I wear to work comes off quickly. But I get to wear them to and from work and that feels like a win!

  2. I like how you've captured the coziness of a sweater. Here's to slowing down and enjoying a little retreat into a new season of ourselves.