Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Anticipation


This is the week.  Today is the day.

The shelves are full to overflowing
books lying horizontal on top of neat rows

Tables are rearranged and cleared
lessons at the ready in a digital file

Sitting dots placed in the Story Castle
orienting read-alouds at hand

Brand-new titles sit facing out in one case
proudly displayed on top of another

New shelf markers are itching to be used.



  1. The getting ready time has such a wonderful air of anticipation which you have captured here. Good luck with your school start.

  2. This is great! I want to spend time in your library! I spent 7 glorious years as a school librarian before health complications led to an early retirement. Reading your post makes me miss my library! Have a wonderful year full of stories!

  3. The sense of anticipation in this post is palpable, Chris! Those bright markers are so inviting. As a child, I adored the library. Even now, I can remember the arrangement of the shelves, how I'd browse and browse, and the stab of joy when I came across a book that pretty much shouted "ME! ME! PICK ME!" Being a librarian (I know I should say "media specialist") is a ton of work, but what an inspiration you will be to these young adventurers!