Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tuesday Slice: Redux


Politicized to the point where
Anyone's opinion is accepted as fact
Nurses and
Doctors and scientists, the actual
Experts, shaking their heads--
Must we keep making the same
Ignorant mistakes?
COVID remains in the headlines.

We are entering another year of teaching in a pandemic, and it feels more dangerous to me this year than last.  We know more about mitigation, yet the government refuses to mandate those measures, pandering to their base instead of science.  The lack of mandates increases the risk for educators and students, especially those of us in elementary schools this fall.  

Once more, into the fray...  


  1. Impermanence is my favourite word lately. This pandemic has to end at some point. This hope gives me strength. May you stay safe and healthy this year, and may the joy of learning and teaching override the fear and uncertainty.

  2. I was glad to se you address this. We have to stay thoughtful and keep reflecting. I was looking forward to being all together, back at school this year, without masks. Now we will all be masked, which I agree with but am not looking forward to. Stay safe and keep writing about Covid from a teacher’s perspective- its important.

  3. I'm also uneasy about returning to school in a few weeks. I'm also concerned that things may actually be a bit more unsettled this year, especially since I work with a population that can't receive vaccines at this point. Taking it day by day...good luck to you!

  4. Chris, you have said some wise words in those few lines of your acrostic. Unbelievable really, isn't it? I saw a really good rebuttal to the argument that everyone had the right to do their own Googling research and not trust the CDC. I just can't sometimes. Shaking my head. Stay safe, Chris. Thank you for speaking up.

  5. I am feeling more anxiety about this year too. There are less mandates about social distancing and masking than last year. I feel like we are just being put out there. I was hoping this year would be a comfortable place again but I am nervous about how this will play out. My students can't get the vaccine yet either. May all of us be safe!