Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 Day 15: Be grateful for everything

I woke up with the dismaying thought that my spring break was nearly half over, and I haven't really done much.  Then I came across this quote, which took up two pages in my morning pocketbook reading and ended with this thought:
This got me thinking of all the things that have gone right this morning:  

Before dawn has even graced my horizon, my alarm went off.  
Because we are on break, I rested another twenty minutes, giving myself time to stretch and wake up my brain before sitting up.
My eyeglasses were within reach, with a recent prescription.
I was able to walk on my own to the bathroom.
Indoor plumbing--need I say more?
The heater kicked on as I walked down the hallway without stubbing my toes on the stuff that needs to be stored.
The living room lamp and kitchen light went on at the touch of my fingers.
I have my favorite coffee, and my own little brewer.
The dishwasher worked last night; there were clean dishes to put away.
My birthday flowers are still looking pretty in the vase on the table.
I remembered to take out the chicken to defrost for tonight's crock pot dinner.
I am home today, to make a crock pot dinner!
I have creamer and sweetener for my coffee.
I had time to read what I wanted, time to write this post, time to plan my day.
Our internet access is working.
My husband woke up, and is drinking his coffee while playing on his computer.
I have access to a little money, to do some gardening and socializing this week.

The list could go on and on.  So much is "going right" already, and I've only been up for an hour and a half.  Do I really have any room to complain today?


  1. So many things to be grateful about in your household. Your post sounds so comforting and peaceful. Sometimes I'm grateful just for things to do and purpose in my life.

    1. Activity and purpose are worthy of gratitude, Vanessa; they keep us going!

  2. Good morning! Thankful that I read this today, as I too sip on my warm cup of coffee, in my warm home.

    Thankful that 2 of our 3 daughters were able to be home for a bit.

    Thankful that it is only Wednesday, and I can check 4 goals off of my Spring Break "to-do" list.

    Thankful for much more, but off to a good start to the day!

    1. I'm glad you found your own gratitude list this morning! Makes all the difference, doesn't it?