Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 SOLC Day 17: Irish much?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  My mother's full-blooded Irish family gives me a wee bit over half-Irish status myself, a heritage which fascinates me.  I am drawn to things Celtic--the lore, the land, the spirituality.

My husband recognized this early on, and honored that part of me by proposing on this day, twenty-nine years ago.  The emerald in my engagement ring is a beloved reminder of that wonderful moment.

Each one of my three tattoos has green coloring--a four leaf clover on one anke, triquetra knot on the other, and now the green owl perched on my shoulder.  No worries about getting pinched here!

Last night, I attended a "painting for relaxation" class.  The instructor had us start by painting a circle using cool colors, then spiraling that circle outwards.  I took her directions literally, so when I ran out of room to continue my spiral, I looped it up into another, and then another...and made a triad.  I stuck with the same colors as we applied a second layer. Turned on its side, it looks like a shamrock.
This morning, my teenager will look for gold (chocolate) coins left by Seamus the leprechaun.  I believe he's left forty of them lying about the living room.  Later, I'll be baking iced shamrock cookies and cooking colcannon--potatoes and cabbage--for dinner.  I'll also be raising a pint in honor of my dear mother and her Irish family.

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?  What are your favorite traditions?


  1. My husband's family is of Irish descent. Mine is not. But I am trying to figure out how to incorporate these bits of their ancestry into my children's traditions. I forgot about having the leprechaun leave them gold! I'm getting ready now to put some Irish stew in the slow cooker for dinner.

    1. The stew sounds good! Hope you had a lovely St. Patty's Day!

  2. May the luck of the Irish be with you today.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
    Love Ya'll,
    Dad/Grandpa Jim

  3. I've never celebrated much (other than wearing green), but I'll never forget the year my daughter came home from kindergarten telling us about what the leprechaun did to their classroom.

    1. Oh, those mischievous leprechauns! Good thing ours only brings chocolate. :-)