Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 SOLC Day 21: Too little sleep, too much to do

Turning off the TV at night is one of the hardest "adulting" tasks for me.  I know I shouldn't even turn the TV on in the bedroom, but it helps me deal with the drudgery of folding towels.  

The good stuff on PBS always comes on late.  Last night I tuned in halfway through an "Arts in Context" episode called "Home", about artists exploring details of African diaspora (I had to look up the definition of "diaspora"--"The dispersion of any people from their original homeland.")  My drowsy eyes and ears were drawn to the photographs, poetry, and expressive interviews, not that I can recall more than a detail or two this morning.  

I was momentarily jolted by my husband's coming to bed, realizing it was beyond eleven o'clock, an hour past my preferred bedtime.  I clicked off the TV, took off my glasses, and hoped for a deep, if short, night's sleep.

I got up with the second alarm just before four thirty a.m.  Bathroom, scale, changing into workout clothes, making coffee and emptying the dishwasher all happened in order.  I read my three little "daily" books, got my coffee, and settled in to write this post.  

I'm anticipating that without a steady stream of caffeine and water today, I will hit a wall sometime around two p.m.  The majority of my classes will be done by then, thank goodness.  I will put the TV remote on my husband's nightstand, too--one less distraction before a decent bedtime...I hope.


  1. I can totally relate to your post. Sometimes it's so hard to go to bed because finally we get some leisure time... even though we know we will pay for it tomorrow!

  2. I loved this! Last night my husband and I watched BBC which is pretty much PBS in Great Britain. We watched the first episode of Planet Earth II! Great stuff!