Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 SOLC Day 8: Not my place

I am taking the day off.  Not as a form of protest (though it's an added benefit), not for illness (though I am still dealing with the aftereffects of that nasty respiratory ick from three weeks ago).

Nope, I'm home today because, for the third day in a row, my library is being used for non-library reasons.  The last two days have been for testing English language learners.  Today is the district-wide "Kindergarten Roundup", so the library will be filled with parents enrolling their five-year-olds for the 17-18 school year.

I understand that in my overcrowded school, the library is the only large-ish space available to host such hours-long events. Our cafeteria is in business from 1030a to 130p feeding our 1200 students.  Same goes for the gym, where our PE teachers see multiple classes at once. So I planned ahead and let my usual Tuesday and Wednesday visiting classes check out extra books last week to get them through spring break.  

Today, I'm taking a personal day, one of only a handful I've taken this year.  I'm going to give my husband a break from morning chauffeur duty and take my son to school.  I might go for a walk before getting my biannual haircut.  I will lunch on my own, and have a few blissful hours before heading back to work this afternoon for test administration training.  (To my administrator's credit, she was willing to let me reschedule, but I just want to get it done.)

But I won't be there today, when my library is not my classroom, my refuge of literacy.


  1. Wow. This is hard. Unfortunate that your space is not able to be what it needs to be everyday.

    1. Spring is hard, in general. Testing season takes a toll on our usual schedules. Sigh.