Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 SOLC Day 30: I got nothin'

Source: CC0 Public Domain

Day thirty of this March blogging challenge, and I've hit the writing wall.  Every idea that flits through my mind gets summarily dismissed as mundane and deflated:
  • an ode to my morning coffee (seems silly to me this morning, don't feel like being silly)
  • the clutter I face at my desk (already written/ moaned about)
  • recent, important child event (not my story to tell)
  • the pain in my neck (blah, humbug, un-expandable)
  • my love of nail polish (beauty-blog-ish, not feeling it)
  • my personal quirks (just how much personal info do I want out in cyberspace?)
  • "Just the Way You Are", the Bruno Mars earworm that won't stop playing in my head this morning (already wrote about earworms in a previous SOLC)
  • library happenings (We had state testing this week, and my library schedule has been caddywhompus.  Testing is, frankly, boring, not to mention that we all signed oaths not to talk about the details.)
  • seasonal allergies (not exciting, would be a whiny post)
  • the ghost supposedly haunting our school (great topic, not a whole lot of details to write about)
So there you have it--a post about basically nothing. I'm hoping the writing Muse lands on my shoulder before tomorrow and whispers a fabulous topic in my ear, so that I can wrap up this challenge with a flourish! 


  1. Ahhh great minds! I hit the wall too. It's frustrating, but this is the life of the writer.

    1. I'm just amazed we hit it at day 30; it's been ten days earlier in the past. We're getting better at this!

  2. And I hit the wall too! My blah post was written and the edited at the last moment due to a weather report of more snow! I think my writing brain was fried!

    1. Even the "blah" posts are signs that we are moving forward, right? Hope your winter ends soon!

  3. Still, I liked reading these brief news bits! My school first was in an old Catholic high school which also housed a group of nuns. The story was that a few aged and passed away there, and of course, some thought there were ghosts. A few stories, a lot of older kids loving that it might be! Have a great day!

    1. Our night custodian is the most recent viewer of the ghost. He described the school's namesake to a "T", apparently. Now teachers are joking about having a sleepover to find out for ourselves!