Friday, March 18, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Eighteen: The timid gardener

Like a new mother, I am always surprised when plants survive my handling.

Four hours of gardening on a hot March afternoon.  Dead stalks and weeds pulled out, soil amended, new plants put in.

Now, in the predawn hours, clad in pajamas, coffee steaming in hand and scuffs on my feet, I step outside in the cool spring air.  Yes, the plants are still alive.  Upright, even--and are those flower buds just the teensiest bit more open?  
Round two for Persian shield in the big container.  This year I'll try not to break the stems, since hubby got me a watering wand to attach to the hose instead of the power sprayer.
Noticing the slow, steady unfurling of the old hosta that has blessed me with yet another year of surviving die-off and dormancy, its "baby" just barely poking its pointy head through the soil.  Hoping the new lantana likes the afternoon sun; bonus if the butterflies like it there, too.  
Checking the tag on the new hosta, making sure that yes, it should grow to fill and overshadow the tall pot.  
Still not sure about the sedum in the repurposed angel fountain; will have to wait and see if it spreads to fill the upturned shell, otherwise another trip to the nursery is called for.

Moving on to the backyard, I am happy that the new salvia is alive in its container, one of two decorative ceramic pots that survived a transAtlantic trip from Italy.
When the sun comes up, I will repot the foxtail fern that has split its current home.  The dead stick of a tomato plant will be replaced with new, hearty cherry tomato variety; hoping it will perform better than last year's dud.  The hen-and-chick container needs to be weeded, and the flower-shaped sedum needs to be rid of the brown leaves threatening to keep out the sun.  The remains of basil will be pulled out, and two more salvia need to be potted.  The mother-in-law's tongue is looking rough; should probably give it some new soil, too.  And the old foxtail fern could use some pruning of dead branches.

I'm sure I'll be up again tomorrow morning, making sure today's work is still alive and well.  


  1. You are off to a wonderful start - love the idea of that Italian transplant. Bravo to that!

    1. I love my fruity Italian pots! Fingers crossed everything survives once the heat truly sets in...

  2. I always feel like it's a bit of a miracle when plants survive me. I've got three that I regularly forget about or overwater. Surely there is a happy medium, but I can't remember to do that! I'm excited for you that they seem to be working out.

    1. We landscaped our front yard for the first time, after living in this house for over twenty years...felt like I had to do my part to keep it pretty!