Monday, March 14, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Fourteen: Banishing the to-do list this week

It's Spring Break!  In previous years, that would mean one of two things:  taking a trip (stressful), or major cleaning/home improvement/yardwork/(insert stressful task here).

This year, I am banishing my to-do list and replacing it with an "I'd like to do" list.

During Spring Break, I'd like to:
  • go into a book coma at least three or four times
  • make our house look spring-like, by changing out the mantel painting, doll's clothes, throw pillows
  • make me feel more spring-like by switching out my colognes, clothes, and nail polish, and go for walks in the sunshine
  • get rid of dead plants in pots that make me sad and fill them with green, growing things that make me happy
  • spend just ONE day working on library lessons and book orders
  • blow the dust off my motorcycle and see if I remember how to start it and get it in gear (it's been years, folks)
This "I'd like to" list sounds more fun than my "have to-do" lists of yore.  I might actually get more done this way!


  1. The book coma sounds great! I did that over my spring break when my I just could not put my book down!

    1. It's on my agenda for this evening, as soon as I hang up my spring clothes in the closet (and find my bed in the process, ha!).

  2. Spring break this week? Is it two weeks, or do you come back for a short week and then have next Thursday and Friday off going into Easter weekend?

    Here in NY, Easter is usually the end of the spring break, but with it being so early this year, we just have a four-day weekend, and then spring break is last week of April.

    Careful on that motorcycle! Purple hair and now this?! I feel a trip to the tattoo parlor coming on!

    1. Eons ago, our spring break coincided with Easter, but somewhere along the way it got scheduled earlier; several colleges in the state had it last week. We only get Good Friday off for the Easter weekend, so yep, we will go back with a four day week--and then state testing the week after that.

      I've had the motorcycle for over a decade, gift from hubby who owns two of 'em. For awhile, I was practicing fairly regularly, to prepare for my license, but life got busy.

      As for tattoos--already have two, will be getting my third and last for next year's birthday. :-)