Monday, March 28, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Twenty-eight: Literate ladies who lunch

Today is our district elementary librarians' meeting.  We have thirty-three elementary schools, and our district is fortunate to have administrative support for a certified librarian on every campus, so thirty-three of us plus our director, systems operator, their assistant, and various presenters take over a campus library once a month.  The hosting location changes each time, and fellow librarians help with the refreshments and decor.

We have a packed agenda.  We pick books to read and review, do a quick icebreaker, and then move into learning and collaboration activities.  Today we are discussing interlibrary loans, reviewing our TeachingBooks access, learning about leadership opportunities, witnessing the reveal of next year's Armadillo book list, and signing off on a purchase order we all had to make as we get used to a new financial system.

Before lunch, we'll discuss plans for National Library Month and summer reading programs.  During lunch, it's sharing time with a focus on technology and infographics.

Then we head back to our individual campuses at noon, heads buzzing with new ideas, motivated to make our library programs the best they can be. When you're the only "you" at a school, it is great to meet with others who shoulder the same responsibilities and purpose.


  1. Sounds like a fun & productive day with an awesome group! I love my district's librarian meetings, too--but man, are we small in comparison with your district! 9 of us (this includes 1 who is a library aide and 1 who is a teacher juggling librarian duties--long story) gather together each month in much the same way as you described. :)

    1. Wow! The secondary folks meet separately--middle and high schools combined, and that's another fifteen plus two alternative schools, so 17 librarians there. We are a big district! I can't imagine teaching and running a library; sounds like my internship days!