Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Twenty-three: The prompt

"You learn lessons in school and in life.  Think about a lesson you've learned.  Explain how it has helped you.  Organize your thoughts.  Remember to use proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar." (paraphrased)

I was the honored presenter of the prompt yesterday morning at day two of our fourth grade's Camp Write-Along rally in the cafeteria.  Before I unfurled the laminated scroll (coincidentally tied with a purple bandanna which matched my hair!), I shared with the students that I could feel their pain and struggle with writing because I had been doing just that, every morning, for twenty-two days.  I was hoping the prompt would help me out, too, because after three weeks of writing, I was running out of fresh ideas.

By fifty, one has hopefully learned many, many lessons in school and life.  One lesson I've learned in this age of technology is to pay attention to the URL of a website; it happens to be a lesson I teach my students, too.  

Last night, I was registering my son for a summer camp, and had gotten to the page where I was supposed to submit the payment details.  All along, I kept noticing that the security portion of the URL bar was red; the "https" was crossed out with a diagonal red slash, and the little padlock symbol was red and had an "X" over it.  When I investigated by clicking on the padlock, the pop-up told me that a third party might have access to this information, or could easily hack into it.  I didn't want my credit card number falling into the wrong hands!

I did not feel comfortable putting my credit card information on an unsecure page, so I decided to call the help desk the next day.  The website does have contact information listed.  I wrote down the phone numbers and other pertinent information I would need to register my son. Now I'm just hoping for a free moment this morning to make the call.

The need to be alert when using the internet--that is one lesson that I have learned in school that has been very important in life.


  1. I tend to ignore things like that, assuming out of date technology. You have me pausing for thought. I am going to be more vigilant in protecting myself. Thanks.

    1. I think it was the larger-than-normal price tag that kept me more alert than usual. My school computer showed the same warning. The admissions person I phoned was surprised and said I was the first one to say something about it!

  2. How about a picture of the purple hair????
    That was good that you noticed the non-secure web page. Since I got hacked a couple of years ago I look for the "https" and a green bar. Have a great day.
    Love Ya, Dad.