Thursday, March 3, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Three: Frazzled here, frazzled there

It was Dr. Seuss' birthday yesterday, and I wore a Cat-in-the-Hat hat all day at work to celebrate.  I even wrapped my tongue around Seuss' Happy Birthday to You several times in the Book Nook, enunciating his genius mashup of syllables a bit better with each reading.  

I wore the hat straight through the professional development that happened during the second half of our early release day.  I think it was a subconscious effort to boost my own energy level, and perhaps the energy of those around me, by indulging in a little act of silliness.

Frazzled here, frazzled there,
Frazzled teachers everywhere.
Going strong since winter break
Resolve now turning to head-ache.
Wiggly students can't sit still since
Sunshine replaced our winter chill.
Testing season is coming up fast
Major projects must be passed.
Need for rest is all we speak...
But there's work to be done for one more week!

Teachers, I feel your pain; stop on by the circulation desk for a piece of chocolate.  Or three pieces, if it's been that kind of day.  No judgment here. 


  1. Fabulous poem. How fantastic that you were able to play with the words to make the hat. I love how you think.

    1. Omigosh, I didn't even realize I had made the shape! Totally coincidental! Thanks for catching it. :-)

  2. Silliness is a necessary thing!

    1. Very necessary. I think more silliness needs to be part of my professional growth goals next year.

  3. Needed this yesterday! AND as Becky Z said, "Be the fountain, not the drain."

    1. You do know how to make me giggle, Ms. Nash! Yes, I'm hoping I was a fountain yesterday! Oh, that Becky Z...