Friday, March 11, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Eleven: Stormy weather, stormy mood

Woke up after a restless night
Hips and knees and calves stiff, 
Feeling disjointed, off-kilter, worn down
Coughing through my morning routine.

A headache starts throbbing on the way to work.
Thick cleaving pain, right between my eyes

The ache worsens as the morning goes on
Coffee doesn't help
But the lucky find of cold meds in my purse does.

Behind the wheel again for an afterschool event.
Lots of traffic, an accident on the way
No close parking, and now the rain
Is returning, just in time to walk 
In with my unlaminated poster, a little soggy.

Drove home on autopilot
Thinking about karma
And how things don't always work out
As they should
And how kids sometimes cry
When they shouldn't have to.

I missed a window of opportunity 
For an act of kindness
Instead, fulfilling a menial task
Could I have waited fifteen more seconds?

Thoughts creep back to karma again.

I pondered my next course of action
Forgive, forget, move on?
Confront, set boundaries, stand strong?
Changes will be made; I decide it's not worth the battle.

After the wet, dreary ride home
I pulled into my driveway
And realized I had lost my umbrella.

The second headache of my day
Is threatening once again,
A light thumping over my right eye.

The delicious smell of dinner
My husband has made, so happy to help out
Cannot penetrate my gloom.


  1. Replies
    1. I was feeling powerfully gloomy yesterday. Luckily, after a decent night's sleep, the view is much better!

  2. I hope you are feeling better.
    Love Ya'S,

  3. Some days are better to write about, and say goodbye to. I hope this helps, and today is much, much better.

    1. Yes, the writing was cathartic--and today is much, much better!