Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SOLSC '16 Day Two: Unfocused

I went to bed last night, post unwritten for this morning.  Too many thoughts swirling in my head, my inner critic negating each as a viable topic, so I resorted to slumber, hoping my Muse would sort it out by this morning and present an idea on a golden plate.

Alas, no gift awaited me at oh-dark-thirty.  Just the same snippets as the night before.  

Voting is on my mind, but I am of the same mindset as Sonja at The Sassy Bibliophile.  I very rarely vote straight ticket, preferring to choose my candidates based on their personal platforms and experience (what a concept, I know!).  It was disconcerting not to have a bipartisan ballot at the polls yesterday, but I voted nonetheless.  

I got depressed seeing the Super Tuesday results scrolling across the bottom of my TV screen, turned away from the talking heads and tuned out of politics for the evening. A bubble bath seemed just the ticket to relax me away to dreamland, and I had an old Lush luxuriously moisturizing bubble bar at the ready. 

Instead, I squirmed around in our too-small tub, focusing on my too-big body.  The length of the tub causes me to adopt a position that makes my belly look like I'm about to give birth, and no woman I know who is seventeen years postpartum relishes that image.  Relaxation escaped me as I tried to figure out how to fit writing and exercise into my morning routine (still don't have an answer).  And then there was the more immediate problem of extricating my slightly oily self from the too-small tub without injury.  Let's just say it wasn't done gracefully.

My last thoughts before going to bed were on the book fair I just wrapped up.  Two of the five items I wrote in my nightly gratitude journal included the amazing volunteers who helped set up, run, and take down the fair, and the total sales, which thankfully were just above my minimum goal.

So here is my Slice of the day, just a snippet here and a snippet there.  I'm hoping my day has a bit more focus than this post.

Maybe coffee will help....Yep, there's my priority for today.


  1. A snippet here and a snippet there make for a perfect slice.

    1. Thanks, Tara! Sometimes the mundane is all we have, right?