Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SOLSC '21 Day Thirty: How was your day, dear?


I am participating in my ninth Slice of Life Story Challenge run by the team behind the Two Writing Teachers website.  We are challenged to write a blog post a day throughout the month of March.

It's a question asked every evening, most often at the dinner table.

"How was your day, dear?"

How was my day, yesterday?  It started quietly enough, no students zooming through the halls, chatting and laughing as they rub in their hand sanitizer.  Nope, they were most likely still asleep on this at-home asynchronous learning day.

Emails first, then a para came in asking for work to do.  Got her set up with barcoding new professional materials, then got a third cup of coffee and sat down to four hours of our monthly district librarians' meeting.

It went by fast, packed with celebrations, talk of spending our budget money ASAP, inventory woes, an origami bookmark and a STEM challenge to try (mine was a flop).  Us elementary-types got the big reveal of next year's Armadillo Readers' Choice list (yay, I already have two of them on my shelf!), discussion about the brouhaha over Seuss (no, we're not pulling the entire collection off of our shelves).  Multi-level breakouts spent a considerable amount of time discussing systemic racism--the system part of it, from food deserts to how the justice system impacts everything from housing to education to healthcare.  There was a specific focus on indigenous people--a group often overlooked in discussions about racism.

Meeting over, a quick lunch, reconnecting with my library assistant, and then an afternoon of group poem editing, book orders, and budget transfers.  Hunted down professional materials for our dual language teachers and discovered the source of the mystery kit next to the circulation desk.  

A quick chat with our ITS, and it was home to plug in my laptop and prepare for a committee meeting.  My husband came home and started eating dinner as I was wrapping it up for the night.

I still had a walk around the block, my Duolingo lessons in Spanish and Japanese, my Noom articles, and watering my plants before I could call it a day.

And that, my dear, was how my Monday went. 


  1. that sounds like a lovely Monday!

  2. I banned the question in my house about a year ago when I didn't want to keep thinking about the days! Yours sounds pretty good, though-- a balance of thinking and doing which usually makes me feel good.

  3. Agree with Melanie - and also, you accomplished a ton! While I don't love Mondays, I do love to feel like I began the week crossing much off my to-do...PS THANK YOU for being my Welcome Wagon volunteer. I appreciated every single one of your comments. XX

  4. Whew! I hear you. Seems as though the asynchronous days last longer than regular ones. We're on the last leg, time to be over-busy again. But it's one day closer to summer break.

  5. You've lived a lifetime in a day, Chris! So productive, though - all of it important. I am glad to see more realization and conversation about indigenous people who are often overlooked in discussions about racism. So much is awareness and educating self. Now, at least, you are halfway through your week... break is almost here. I am trying hard not to look past mine to returning-!!