Monday, March 29, 2021

SOLSC '21 Day Twenty-nine: A very short week

I am participating in my ninth Slice of Life Story Challenge run by the team behind the Two Writing Teachers website.  We are challenged to write a blog post a day throughout the month of March.

Today is an asynchronous day in our district; students have assignments from Friday to work on while teachers meet and plan for the last quarter.  Librarians have a virtual meeting this morning, and then we get to work on all that stuff we do behind the scenes:  cataloging, inventory, lesson planning, collaborating, weeding.  I get to cap the day off with a virtual committee meeting for an annual conference event coming up in three weeks; because of our schedules, we meet from 530p to 630p.  It makes for a long day.

Surprisingly, we still get Friday off as a "spring holiday".  We thought it would be removed from the calendar as a meager make-up day for all the school missed during the Texas Snowpocalypse.  Maybe the board realizes that a respite is needed, even two weeks after Spring Break.  I imagine that they are tired too; the pandemic has probably quadrupled the decisions they've had to make this school year.

I am already planning on a quiet Friday, spending time doing weekend tasks early so that I can enjoy the holiday weekend.  I'm thinking that 70's soft rock and scented candles will be nice accompaniments for the time spent doing laundry,  reading, crocheting, and giving myself a mani-pedi. 

A productive Monday with a Friday off to look forward to is a nice start to the week.


  1. I'm glad to see you are planning a Me day. WE all need them and rarely give them to ourselves.

  2. I love that you're looking ahead to the end of the week because goodness, we need that. I appreciate too the kindnesses you're promising to yourself! I just finished a massive project and am about to hit click and send, after getting one last document notarized, and couldn't feel lighter. Things are still heavy everywhere else but at least this one big weight is lifted. Cold and grey here in Chicago, and getting my 2nd shot...and then and then and then. Here's to a strong Monday!

  3. Our district recently kept a scheduled vacation day as well - despite some parent protests about teachers being at home so much this past year; I will refrain from further comment on that part but I believe the Powers That Be actually understood that the break was desperately needed. I am on break this week and I didn't bring work with me; my principal emailed staff late Friday to say he's unplugged until the day we go back; and I say soft 70s rock, candles, and books sounds sublime to me! Oh - I've ordered a Doughty book based on your suggestion; which one do you like best so far?